Best tips on how to buy travel insurance cover in North America

It’s important to have a good travel insurance coverage that helps to cover you from incidences such as;

•    Cancellation of your trip

•    Encountering a terrorist attack while on trip

•    Losing either your luggage or your passport

•    If a natural event such as hurricane cause damages to your destination

•    If you get injured or sick while on the trip.

It’s thus important to know how to get the best travel insurance that fully covers you. Some of the tips that one can use to secure good travelling insurance in North America include;

1. Know the extent of your insurance coverage

It’s important to know if the policy cover, covers medical expenses which are incurred in your destination only or if it covers even the medical expense in your native country.

2. Don’t buy your travel insurance from your tour operator

While travelling in North America it’s important that you don’t buy your travel insurance cover from your tour plan since they tend to cover your only when you are in a boat or on the trip but not for the rest of your journey. The insurance might also go under thus making your plan absolute.

3. Ensure you don’t confuse a waiver with an insurance cover

Sometimes tour companies tend to offer waivers for example if your trip gets cancelled they give you a chance to book your trip to a later date and allow you to still go on that trip but the disadvantage is that you don’t get your money back.

4. Restriction on blanket policies

It’s important to be aware of restrictions on your insurance. Most of the travelling insurance nowadays have a ‘cancel for any reason’ policy, which allows you to cancel your trip for any reason you might have. These insurances demand you to buy within 15-21 days to your trip. The insurance has time benefit.

5. Ensure that you are not already covered

Before buying your insurance make sure you are not already covered and if you are it’s important to call your insurance providers and know the extent of your insurance cover. Some of the homeowners’ policy covers overseas expenses such as loss of luggage, medical expenses etc., so it’s important to inform your insurance company about your trip so as to hear the coverage plan.

6. Beware of evacuation insurance

Some people buy evacuation insurance instead of travelling insurance. Some evacuating insurances offer nice to travel to the native home hospital in case of a health emergency while other insurances offer evacuation to the nearest appropriate facility so it’s important to carefully read the instructions on the evacuation policy.

It’s thus important to know how to secure the best travelling policy that can fully cover you while on the trip this makes travelling more enjoyable and cheaper.